Pietro Annigoni (7 June 1910 - 28 October 1988) was one of the most renowned portraitists of the mid-twentieth century, who retired from a lucrative career to paint pro bono frescoes for churches throughout Italy, including the restored monastery of Monte Cassino. The following is a list of his principle works, by location:

1971 Arcadia (Cycle of frescoes in the Sala Pontormo at Wethersfield House - Amenia, New York)
1979 Martyrdom and Beatification of Massimiliano Kolbe (Altar painting in the Basilica di Sant’Antonio - Padova)
1967 - 1978 Deposition and Resurrection, Jeremiah, Isaiah, The Pool of Bethesda, Raising of Lazarus, Christ in the Garden, Last Supper, Apocalypse, Pentecost (Cycle of frescoes in the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio at Ponte Buggianese - Pistoia)
1980 - 1988 Last Supper, Prayer of St. Anthony at the Walnut Tree, The Prodigal Son, Crucifixion, Last Supper, The Preaching of St. Anthony to the Fish, St. Anthony and Ezzelino da Romano (Cycle of frescoes in the Basilica of Sant’Antonio, Padova)
1958 Crucifixion with Mary and John, (Cycle of frescoes in the church of San Martino a Castagno d’Andrea – Florence)
1985 The Seven Saintly Founders Ascend the Mountain (Fresco in the Sanctuary of Monte Senario - Florence)
1968 St. Joseph (Fresco in the parish church of Galluzzo – Florence)
1978 Fiftieth Anniversary of the School of Air Warfare [Scuola di Guerra Aerea] (Fresco Florence)
1958 La Madonna del Buon Viaggio (Fresco on the tabernacle of the church of San Martino - Grassina, Florence)
1978 - 1980 Abraham, Moses, Episodes from the Life of St. Benedict, Glory of St. Benedict, The Holy Founders of the Benedictine Order, The Four Cardinal Virtues (Cycle of frescoes in the Chiesa Maggiore of the Abbey of Montecassino)

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Pietro Annigoni inspired a whole school of followers in Europe and America who continued the fresco tradition he revived. Among them is the American Ben Long, who has worked in the Carolinas for decades and has his own "fresco trail."

Other Annigoni followers:

Romano Stefanelli
Luca Battini
Paola Magini
Mario Bogani

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