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New Frescoes:

in Italy

Chapel of S. Cresci, S. Cresci in Valcava (near Borgo S. Lorenzo), Mugello, Tuscany
Oleg Supereco completes the frescoes in the dome of Noto's rebuilt cathedral

in Switzerland

TASIS, John E. Palmer Performing Arts Building


Bond Hall, University of Notre Dame School of Architecture



Luca Battini's fresco in Pisa were featured on the BBC.

David Mayernik painted a fresco for the facade of S. Cresci in Valcava (Mugello) in the last week of May 2011; Sacred Architecture has an article by Matthew Alderman on the San Cresci fresco cycle here.

In August of 2010 Russian artist Oleg Supereco completed his heroically scaled frescoes for the rebuilt cathedral of Noto in Sicily.


David Mayernik's cartoons for his recent frescoes at TASIS and S. Cresci were shown at the Gallery of Bond Hall, University of Notre Dame, from August through September 2010; see the School of Architecture's website for more info

The parish of San Cresci in Valcava celebrated the feast of their patron on 4 July 2010 with the public opening of the chapel frescoes by David Mayernik. Find the brochure (in Italian) here.