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Pietro Annigoni was one of the most renowned portraitists of the mid-twentieth century, who retired from a lucrative career to paint pro bono frescoes for churches throughout Italy, including the restored monastery of Monte Cassino. Annigoni inspired a whole school of followers in Europe and America who continued the fresco tradition he revived. Among them is the American Ben Long, who has his own "fresco trail."

Leonetto Tintori was one of Italy's most important restorers of the second half of the twentieth century (Getty tribute). From his trial by fire at the Campo Santo in Pisa during WWII, Tinori went on to be a leading restorer of Giotto and his school, eventually founding a school for aspiring restorers, and especially artists, at his home in the countryside outside of Prato. His successors continue his good work at the Laboratorio di Affresco di Vainella.

What makes a fresco "modern"?


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